Care for the People and Communities​

Our sustainability practices form the bedrock in perpetuating a strong relationship between the organisation and communities. The notable impact of these practices can be seen in many form such as providing social welfare to the employees, maintaining an appropriate standard of employment condition and enforcing occupational safety & health practices. We also engage in relationship building and networking among the plantation communities.

The company is committed to continue openly communicating and consulting local communities through Free, Prior Informed Consent (FPIC) process for any new development.

Internal stakeholder engagement – Team Building Program (Belaga Complex)

Internal stakeholder (staffs) engagement - Belaga Complex Football Team

The company adheres to relevant national laws and regulations for workplace occupational safety and health by providing a safe, healthy and hygienic workplace for all employees and contractors. We take proactive measures and steps to prevent any occupational accidents, disease or asset lost arising from our operations through an established safety and health management system. All the employees are exposed to related safety and health trainings and programs with the aim of enhancing their safety awareness and demonstrate it through their daily operations.​

Health, Safety and Environmental campaign (Timora Mill)

PPE is provided by company to employees based on job junction as 1 Jan 2019 and ongoing

We value our employees as our most important asset and we recognize and protect their rights in the workplace through compliance with our “No Exploitation” commitment. This include prohibition of child labour, bonded or forced labour and human trafficking. Glenealy Plantations practices no discrimination based on race, colour, sex, language, religion, political, national or social origin, and birth or other status. Employees working for Glenealy Plantations tangibly enjoy fair employment wages and benefits which are, most often than not, higher than the statutory requirements. Free medical treatment is available at each unit to provide health care benefits for the plantation communities. ​

The group have established community learning centers (CLC) within the plantation premises to ensure that the employee’s children have access to basic education. Sports events and festival celebrations involving local and foreign employees are essential events that we do to enhance the quality of life in the plantations.​

Opening of Community Learning Center (CLC) – Lana Complex

Internal stakeholder engagement – workers sport day (Jelalong complex)

The company does regular engagement with local communities to address their needs and concerns. This may include the potential impacts from any new developments which Glenealy Plantations is committed to resolve through a functional unbiased grievance mechanism. At the same time, our plantation projects have contributed to the social-economic status on the local communities in the form of improved infrastructure and employment opportunities which has increased their income and improved their standard of living.

Periodically local stakeholder meeting/engagement to enhance relationship and prevent conflict (Jelalong East -2020)

Periodically local stakeholder meeting/engagement to enhance relationship and prevent conflict (Belaga -2020)

Glenealy Plantations is committed to resolve any conflict and grievance raised by stakeholders including employees or local communities through a functional unbiased grievance mechanism.