Corporate Social Responsibility

Glenealy Plantations has incorporated CSR in it business model with sustainability elements that bring positive impact on the socio-economic status of local communities especially the economic empowerment activities. The company CSR program also can be seen in many forms of initiatives and the most common are contributions to the local communities such as assistance provided during disasters; for example flood and fire incidences, medical help, sponsoring local events and providing maintenance for local infrastructures.

Timora Palm Oil Mill’s Blood Donation Drive - 25 June 2020

Timora Palm Oil Mill in Sabah held a blood donation drive in collaboration with the Lahad Datu Hospital in Sabah on 25 June, 2020 where 46 bags of blood were collected from the donors. The mill had been organizing similar blood donation drives annually for many years and the success of the blood donation drives over the years can be attributed to the participation of every level of employees of the mill and estates in this noble cause. Beside raising awareness of the importance of blood donation and highlighting its significance in saving lives during emergencies, the event’s success also showed that many are willing to contribute to be willing blood donors despite the challenging situation brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic. The event will not succeed without the support and co-operation from Lahad Datu Hospital. At the conclusion of the event, the management of Timora Palm Oil Mill presented a souvenir to the medical team from Lahad Datu Hospital which facilitated the blood donation drive as a token of appreciation.

Timora Palm Oil Mill’s Free Fish Supply To Workers Campaign During Movement Control Order (MCO) – 18 March 2020

In order to combat the Covid-19 pandemic from spreading further within the community when it was detected in Malaysia, the Government of Malaysia imposed the Movement Control Order (MCO) in March 2020 and it was extended in April 2020. In line with the Standard Operating Procedures announced by the government for the respective sectors and industries, movement of people or workers in the mill were restricted. It was observed that some of the workers of the mill were facing challenges to get sufficient supply of food and essential household items as their movement were restricted. The management of Timora Palm Oil Mill in Sabah took the initiative to organize a campaign to supply fish at no cost to each worker’s household. The initiative was undertaken to lessen the difficulties faced by these households to get enough food supply and the campaign was well-received and much appreciated by the workers.

Road Repair for Local Communities - November 2018

As a responsible corporate citizen, Glenealy Plantations had always provided assistance to the communities around our operations when required. As an example here, the company assisted the local communities to repair the roads at Rh. Jeranding and Rh. Awan near Jelalong plantation.

Giving Back to the Community Through CLC – 14 May 2018

In May 2018, Glenealy Plantations started an initiative to set up Community Learning Centres (CLC) for children of the Indonesian workers in its three plantations in Sarawak. The CLCs  were to cater to Indonesian children aged from 7 to 12 years old by providing them with basic education in line with the Indonesian education syllabus. On 14 May 2018, the Indonesian Consul-General in Kuching, Bapak Jahar Gulthom and his staff visited Wisma Samling to give a short presentation regarding the CLC initiative. The presentation covered the guidelines and also the benefits of having such facilities on site. At the event, His Excellency collected CLC application forms from Mr. Jimmy Teo, the General Manager (Sarawak) for Glenealy Plantations, marking the first step towards the setting up of the CLCs in this uplifting project. The Indonesian Consulate’s CLC co-coordinator, Bapak Nasrullah Ali Fauzi, later made a visit to the proposed CLCs sites at our Sarawak plantations from 22-24 May 2018.

The initiative has now been brought to fruition with a Community Learning Centre (CLC) set up in Belaga Plantation, Jelalong Plantation and Lana Plantation. With our Sabah plantation also having a Community Learning Centre (CLC), all our Indonesian workers’ children in our Malaysian plantations, from the age of 7-12 years old now can receive basic education conducted using the Indonesian education syllabus.